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Use H2 Database to connect to any database

H2 database is a powerful Java SQL database that is very fast, implements JDBC API, provides an html console, and has a very small footprint, around 2MB. Because of its size and the SQL compatibility that the H2 database provides, it can be used as…

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Actor Model, “To be, or not to be, that is the question”

The actor model is a programming model to deal with concurrent computation. The model is great to build scalable and fault-tolerant software. Scalable software that can scale up to multiple cores or scale out to distributed computing enviornments such as cloud environments. Fault-tolerant following the Erlang's "let…

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Locating SIP Servers - Comments on the RFC3263 for SIPS URIs

RFC3263 describes the DNS procedure and guidelines to be followed in order to locate SIP Servers.

From the abstract of RFC3263:

  • The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) uses DNS procedures to allow a client to resolve a SIP Uniform
  • Resource Identifier (URI) into the IP address, port, and transport protocol of the next hop to contact.
  • It also uses DNS to allow a server to send a response to a backup client if the primary client has failed.

The document here describes those DNS procedures in detail.

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JTapi hands-on, part II

This is the next article in the JTapi hands-on series that will present the Call and Connection interfaces from the Jtapi API. Using the Call and Connection interface, this article shows how to create and disconnect calls, and also inspect Connections of a call. This…

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JTapi hands-on, part I

The story so farIn the first article there was an introduction to the basic interfaces of JTAPI, that is JtapiPeer, Provider, Address, Terminal, Call and Connection. These are the basis on which we will built upon and continue in this article. Starting from this article,…

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